For Vintage style Jazz Bass® 4 pcs. Barrel Saddles, we've come up with a material that has exellent sound quality, but doesn't diminish the player's sensitivity in spite of its light weight―high purity titanium, precision-machined to create the new PR-03 bass saddle. When you use this new bass saddle, You'll get all the sounds you want, from bright to long sustain, without losing any of the profile of the original model.


"PR-03" titanium bass saddles assembled with titanium plate "WB1".
Designed to replace standard J-BassR bridges. Also adaptable for "Fender Vintage Style" and Precision Bass bridges.

4 pieces
Thread: M3 x 0.5 Thread
Length: . in. (19.0m/m)
Diameter: .315 in. (8.0m/m)
It is applicable so-called Fender® Vintage Style Bass Bridge. The specification is followed to the original parts for Fender® Japan.