For Vintage Style Strat® Synchronized Tremolo Bridge Saddle, We've used titanium refined to an even higher level of purity to create a new bridge that beats the conventional parts thanks to the distinctive sound quality of the material and our unique processing technologies. Gives you high sound quality, long sustain, and stable string vibration. The feeling of presence you get when strings have this good separation has perfect balance that's not affected even by distortion type effects. When you replace your old saddle with our titanium saddle for the ST, you'll get the vivit live sound of generations of great Strat® players.

PR-04 for Synchronized Tremolo Bridge
6 pcs. Thread M3 x 0.50 Length=21.0m/m( .827in) Width=10.8m/m ( .425in) Height=5.0m/m( .197in)

This press-saddle is designed to mach Japanese synchronized tremolo bridges made by Gotoh® and others. The string pitch is 10.8m/m

PR-11 Synchronized Tremolo Bridge (US Style)
6 pcs. 4/40 thread Width=11.3m/m( .445in) Length=21.0m/m( .827in) Height=5.5m/m( .217in)
It is designed to much Stratocaster® made in USA and Mexico.
The screw pich follows "Inch" standard.
PR-14 Synchronized Tremolo Bridge (10.5m/m Narrow Width) 6pcs. M3 x 0.5 thread Width=10.5m/m( .413in) Length=21.0m/m( .827in) Height=5.5m/m( .217in)  
This is narrower pitch (10.5m/m) saddle which is compatible with PRS and most of Guitars made in Asia.
PR-15 Synchronized Tremolo Bridge (Offset Style)
6pcs. 4/40thread Width=10.5m/m( .413in) Length=21.0m/m( .827in) Hight=5.5m/m( .217in)
This is offset type saddle which can be used for US made Standard  Stratocaster® and Strat® Plus.