"Why Titanium? When it comes to guitars I have been a traditionalist for as long as I can remember. From repairing guitars for Ernie Ball at age 14 to the restoration and upkeep of some of the greatest player's instruments of today, I have always found tradition to be the greatest guideline in determining the best approach to any given problem. For me to decide to use a different saddle metal on a very traditional electric guitar such as a Strat®, Tele® or Les Paul® is really a stretch. However, our test results with Titanium have been so impressive that I've changed my mind. And, just as significantly, I use Titanium saddles on my own line of DeTemple '52, '56 and P55 guitars and basses. In addition to my own line I have installed at least 50 sets of Titanium saddles on all sorts of guitars from $100.00 copies to multi-thousand dollar custom shop guitars, and without a doubt they have all benefited greatly with the modification. One of the most amazing transformations occurred on a secondhand, made in Mexico, StratR. Along with Titanium saddles (on the vintage style bridge) I added a set of my SweetSpot Alnico 2 pickups - the result was a guitar that sounded as good as any custom shop instrument you will ever hear. Thank you KTS for your extraordinary innovation. The quality and craftsmanship of your products have raised the bar when it comes to tone."
--Michael DeTemple, Builder

Photo by Hiroshi Mochizuki (Copyright 2002 Hiroshi Mochizuki)